Coiffer pour changer le monde and ABCd’art

Coiffer pour changer le monde

Every May, for a whole day, Nathalie St-Germain opens her hairdressing saloon to some twenty women from Herstreet. Coiffer pour changer le monde tells this extraordinary story.  It recounts a voyage covering some ten years and is full of touching encounters and unique moments. 


It contains more than 300 archival photographs along with authentic testimonies collected by the artist Diane Trépanière from 45 women whose portraits and hairdos transform fashion’s dictates about what constitutes beauty.

This is a collective work celebrating ten years of ‘Coiffer pour changer le monde’ (A hairdo to change the world), a project that represents an exceptional collaboration between an artist, a hairdresser, her volunteers and Herstreet. A humane and humanizing book that places portraiture and free expression at the very heart of an inclusive artistic project.


L’ABCd’art by Herstreet – a chance for alternative voices to be heard


Invited to define a word of their choice, 127 people – residents, non-resident participants, social workers, interns, Board members and volunteers – opened a window on their own private worlds. 


Each word represented a journey for Diane Trépanière, interdisciplinary artist and project initiator who, with this «dictionary game», sought to bring pleasure, but also an element of risk with this opportunity for self-expression.



«The ABCd’art from Herstreet, with these living voices, shines a light on the realities of each and every person, one word after another.  With this book, it really becomes possible to believe that, with no more than our own words and our own actions, we have the strength to create our own individual and collective memories».
Diane Trépanière
Diane Trépanière is a visual artist who has been responsible for photographic workshops at Herstreet for several years.

How to buy these two books

They are published by Les Éditions du remue-ménage. To encourage women in difficulty to find their voice, you can buy these books in your local bookshop or by contacting us at :