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Women’s Homelessness: an update


Every year, Herstreet tries to summarize the changes that have occurred with respect to women’s homelessness in Montreal.  On the basis of these observations, drawn from the day-to-day experiences of the women who come to us and what they tell our case workers, we can identify trends in women’s homelessness, a phenomenon that is getting worse every year.





Herstreet is committed to helping and promoting relational health in order to meet the needs of the homeless, so that their problems may be recognized and the appropriate services to address them put in place.  With this in view, the organization takes part in working committees and presents memoirs to research studies, conferences and public hearings held by various institutional and government bodies.


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Women’s Homelessness

From the point of view of an outside observer, one not involved with it on a day-to-day basis, men and women’s homelessness appear to be much the same thing, except that there seem to be many more homeless men than women.  Women’s homelessness is more hidden, hence less visible.