Employment and Internships


We appreciate your interest in Herstreet, but there are no posts available at this present time. However, we keep a list of professionals that we call on as needed.  We have to keep this bank of names up to date and are always interested in hearing from those who would like to be put on the list.  To send your CV or to ask any questions: intervention@laruedesfemmes.org


Internships and training

If you have any questions or are interested in an internship at Herstreet, contact Françoise Jacquart at 514-284-9665, ext. 227, or by email at fjacquart@laruedesfemmes.org.


An expertise that is being increasingly recognized

Over the years, Herstreet has developed a conception of women’s homelessness that is quite unique.  The growing recognition of the organisation’s approach, expertise and commitment is confirmed by the latest awards conferred on Herstreet.  Details of these awards can be found in the section: Our Visibility.

An intervention centred on relational health

Herstreet provides ongoing training to its team of professionals, training that is centred on the recognition and healing of the profound wounds and traumatisms suffered by homeless women.


Interns – a valuable asset

Every year at Herstreet we take in over twenty interns.  They come both from the province of Quebec and further afield to join our team and develop their expertise.  Our interns make a very real contribution to the organization and their assistance is sincerely appreciated

In addition to helping with the day-to-day running of Herstreet, the involvement of interns promotes the exchange of ideas and permits the sharing and transmission of our practices with people from different environments (college, university, professional). Interns are tomorrow’s professionals and we are convinced that it is important to work closely with each and every one.


How internships work and FAQ

Each year, Herstreet receives more than thirty requests for internships. Françoise Jacquart is our intern coordinator and, in collaboration with our team of professionals, is responsible for their supervision.


What contribution do interns make?

Interns are important because they are the link between the institutions charged with training and actual practice. We accompany our interns as they learn about their chosen profession.  They develop their observational capacities and learn to forge links with the participants.  They gradually integrate our philosophy with respect to intervention and begin to understand how a woman ends up on the street.  In the course of their internship, they are often responsible for an information workshop or an activity involving participants.  This means they must think about what interests these women and how to approach or present certain subjects.


What academic training do interns have?

They may have training in social work, specialized education, psychology, sexology or nursing.  Anyone who has training that focuses on the individual or on society will find a fertile terrain to develop their interests at Herstreet.


How many interns do you take in each year?

We welcome more than 20 interns each year.  They come from Montréal and surrounding areas, but also from France and Belgium.  For several years we also had a partnership with Reunion Island.


What is it about Herstreet that particularly attracts students?

The strengths of Herstreet are: our unique approach involving a continuum of services for homeless women; the philosophy underlying this approach, a philosophy that is based on the recognition of traumas sustained even in very early childhood; and the resources we bring to the healing process.  We offer a supportive environment, we work as equals with our participants, we lend a very attentive ear to their needs, we share a bit of ourselves with them and accompany each participant at her own pace.


Testimonies from our interns

"I learnt a lot from my internship at Herstreet. I was really delighted with the experience. You’re a wonderful team. The time went by so fast.  It seems just like yesterday that I first came through the door of an organization that has completely transformed my way of seeing things.

Thank you for giving me my chance.  You just have no idea how much I’ve LEARNED and how HAPPY I am.  I leant about myself, about others and about life in general!"

Rose, Montréal, 1st  year internship, Social Work Techniques, January-April 2010



"I really learnt such a lot.  How to control my emotions, how to deal with crises, how to forge links with others.  I also came to understand and deal with my own limits.  I got to know a public that presents unique problems and discovered a different way of dealing with it, a new approach to social work.  I’d even go so far as to say it changed my perception of my professional identity.  An approach that involves working closely with participants, with empathy and respect, instead of hiding behind a desk, changed the idea I had of social work…

This is a perfect place for an internship for foreigners like me because we learn about a different way of working.  In addition, your staff are so supportive, it’s fun to work and talk with them.  When you’re far from home, it really helps to work in a supportive environment."

Élodie, Belgium, 3rd year internship, Social Work Assistant, December 2009 - March 2010



"One day, a very dear friend said: «there are certain encounters we never forget.»  The professionals and participants at Herstreet and my experience here is one of these unforgettable encounters. When you come to Herstreet, it’s a bit like entering another world, with its own codes and customs.  You have to watch and try to understand in order to be able to participate and make your own contribution.  I particularly liked the fact that all the workers had the same responsibilities, the same job, but brought a different approach depending on their training and their previous experience…  I would also like to mention what I think is the most important thing I take from this internship.  The participants and the contact you make with them, this link that you forge in working with them is something that is very complex, because the relationship is so close.  There are no clear boundaries, the distinction between social worker and client that you are used to making no longer exists.  If you want to develop a genuine relationship, that is both sincere and effective, I believe this barrier that we create to protect ourselves must be able to be modified and needs to be modified..  It still exists; we are still social workers who have a job to do, but it mustn’t become something inflexible that we ourselves erect to protect ourselves.  I think this barrier is different for each social worker and for each participant."

Hélène, France, 3rd year, Special Education, February – May 2009



"My memory of my experience at Herstreet will always be a positive one.  I’ll remember for a very long time the women that come to the organization day after day, seeking help, comfort, something to eat, clothes, shelter or simply a friendly shoulder.  I was literally overwhelmed by the strength of these women… I’ll miss them, their courage and determination changed me, showed me just how grand, how wonderful life can be, but at the same time how painful and difficult.

A thousand thanks to the team that made it possible, a team that devotes itself wholeheartedly to the task of bringing dignity and security to all these needy women.  Thank you, Herstreet, for eight wonderful months spent in your company."

Isabelle, Montréal, Sexology, September 2008 – May 2009