Maison Olga

Maison Olga

Inaugurated in 2002, the Maison Olga provides support services, structured activities and an accompaniment program in the community. It offers 20 individuals rooms and 3 emergency beds.




The shelter offers three different lengths of stays:

  • Long term (1 year and more), 12 places
  • Medium term (3 months to 1 year), 4 places
  • Short term (up to 3 months), 4 places
  • Emergency (24 to 72 hours), 3 places

The room is free during the first month of occupancy and afterwards the woman must contribute in accordance with her revenue. The three emergency beds are free and are aimed to help women in need and to offer respite. The length of stay is generally 48 hours.

Day center

The Maison Olga also houses a day center that provides free meals, a second-hand clothing counter and a washing facility. During the day, women who live in the community and ex-residents also come to the Maison Olga. They have access to all the services and activities.