Our allies

Herstreet strongly believes in the importance of building relationships that strenghten our vision and lead to partnerships.

We thank all the women from the arts community who gave their voice and their talent to our cause so that those who have been abandonned can find at Herstreet a community of inclusion to heal and rebuild themselves.

Lynda Johnson

It is with great happiness that I support Herstreet. I always imagined with a heavy heart the reality of homeless women. When the opportunity was given to me to do something, I did not hesitate to "go beyond appearances".

Because the atmosphere is serene, the day center of the Maison Olga facilitates human contact. I discovered women who were easy to communicate with and counsellors that encourage them with great generosity. I felt a lot of love, the feeling of belonging, of inclusiveness, self-esteem and dignity palpable amongst the participants. The fist time I went to the Maison Olga I got the impression of receiving pieces of sunshine and I wish to share the enthusiasm and gratitude that I feel at every visit.

Lynda Johnson

Spokeswoman 2003-2009

Sophie Faucher

I was very impressed the moment I passed through the door of the Maison Olga and felt the surrounding peace. The silence touched me; a silence that comes only with the softness that one finds in the presence of respect for human beings. In this house, women come and go, they are at home while they participate in a community and do their own reconstruction. To heal, to be reborn, to find hope, self-esteem, faith in others requires work, time and a safe place. It took a few moments at the Maison Olga for me to see that the suffering of the women can be alleviated by the attention and compassion that prevails there. I am happy to support this organization that works to give relief to these women scared by life.

Sophie Faucher

Annie Caron et Elyse Robineau de Complicité Volontaire

We both have our preoccupations about humanitarian issues and we wanted a cause to support. Our meeting with Léonie Couture, her passionate discourse and the original methods practiced by Herstreet touched us.

The organization is very humane and respecful of the women. Their approach fit our wish to be involved in a struggle against social inequalities, poverty and homelessness.

It is a beautiful experience to be associated with strong women who fight to give meaning to life for other women in vulnerable situations. We are proud to have contributed to the mission of Herstreet.