Herstreet would not be what it is today and would not have accomplished as much without the support and involvement of its team of exceptional employees, volunteers and interns.

The team relies on people involved in intervention with the women, in administrative services, in housekeeping and other services related to the day to day operations of its houses.


The responsibilities of each sector:

Léonie Couture
Executive director and founder

Sarah Davidson
Foundation Director

Suzanne Bourret
Clinical Director

Murielle Carbonneau
Materials manager

Ève-line Pipon
Communications officer

Françoise Jacquart
Internship coordinator

Anne-Sophie Blet
Material donations


At the heart of Herstreet, the counsellors, the interns and the volunteers

The counsellors

The women can count on consellors that accompagny them 24 hours, 7 days a week.

A training program insures a coherent intervention based on the recognition and the healing of the relational wounds and traumas experienced by the women.  This training enables the staff to become agents of change. The approach at Herstreet is raising awareness in other circles.

The interns

Herstreet can count on the contribution of some twenty interns every year. They help the organization by contributing up to 3 000 hours of work. Interns from other countries also bring their colors to the organization and generate influence in other countries for Herstreet.

The volunteers

Every year more than 150 volunteers give over 4 000 hours of services. Volunteers contribute to our success with all their heart and enthusiasm.