Our mission

Our mission

Herstreet is on non profit organization involved in helping homeless women and women in distress. In 2012-2013, 539 different women were helped by our services. This amounts to 14 000 stays, 41 000 meals, 101 000 donations in clothing and different items, and more than 2 000 hours in structured activities. Some 16 000 hours in counselling, sociotherapy, were also provided, as well as another 3 600 hours of accompaniment into the community.

Promoting relational health

By offering women who come to us the means to heal their relational wounds, to rebuild theirs lives and come out of homelessness, Herstreet promotes relational health and this is at the heart of our mission. Set in a deep desire for social change, we seek to give homeless women and those in great difficulty the necessary resources that will enable them to regain power in their lives.The resources include a place to live that is secure and suited to their needs, an inclusive community of women, a warm environment, accompaniment services and activities all of which are dedicated to the healing of their suffering and to the restoration of the link to oneself and to others. Herstreet is aslo involved in raising awareness in the community about the needs of these women, their reality and about the possibilities of their inclusion in society.

 Our vision

Our quest for social change comes from our vision to:

  • create a supportive community where the women have a sense of belonging and where they can, having been hurt and abandoned, feel welcomed, healed, respected and recognized to their full potential.
  • build solidarity in our society so that we can find a sustainable solution to the suffering of these women such as the eradication of poverty, exclusion, violence and marginalization.

Homelessness, a social tragedy that ensues from our silence

To abandon people to the streets negates their basic human rights to health and security as stipulated in the Charter of rights and freedoms. These men and women and their children are people in their own right, extremely hurt, who need care to heal, in a stable environment, suited to their needs. To help homeless people is also a duty of public health, of humanity and of social justice. Herstreet believes that it is paramount that as a society we give ourselves the means to promote relational health and put an end to life on the streets.